MineZone bot
June 2021 - Ongoing
This is A WIP A async programming project I started at June 2021 with the aim of connecting discord with minecraft and increase activity in MineZone With Minecraft features such as:
  • Minecraft server status checker
  • Minecraft user skin/cap downloader
  • A minecraft wiki searcher
With machine learning features such as:
  • Ai chat moderation powered by perspective api
  • Ai chat-bot powered by brainshop api
  • Story generation/finish your sentence with Gpt-J (A gpt-3 model with 3.6b parameters)
With activity encouraging features such as:
  • Chat leaderboard system
  • Disboard bump reminder/leaderboards system>
  • Rep point systmem (Tandos)In which you get tandos for:
    • Inviting members
    • Bumping the server
    • Chat activity streak
    • Welcoming New members
    • And you can then use Tandos to unlock perks in the server!!!
And over 30 more commands that I can't mention here!!!